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If your conservatory or porch is leaking or in need of some TLC, then don’t look any further than Riviera Cleaning Torquay & Newton Abbot

Riviera Cleaning Services specialise in the repair of conservatory leaks, porch leaks and orangery leaks.

Leak repairs

It is important to address any leaks as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. If a leak is left unattended to, over time it can lead to further serious damage. Leaks can occur for a number of reasons including deterioration of wooden frames, ridges, slipped glazing, lead flashes and sealant.

A conservatory leak or porch leak not only causes damage to the structure of your conservatory or porch. Water leaks can also cause damage to the interior and any furnishings and carpets you may have inside.

Water damage can lead to damp and buildup of mould and mildew. This can lead to poor air quality standards and can pose a serious risk to people who suffer from respiratory problems.

Riviera Cleaning are experts in leak repairs. We will carry out a full inspection and advise on appropriate remedial works. We offer free of charge no obligation quotes for all our work.

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Gutter Leaks

Conservatories and porches are at risk of suffering water damage from gutter leaks. Neglect of gutter maintenance can lead to costly repairs. Here at Riviera Cleaning Services, we offer comprehensive gutter leak repairs. As part of the service, we will perform a full inspection of the guttering system and advise on all necessary repairs.

Our staff are fully qualified and knowledgeable in all aspects of gutter leak repairs. We have access to a wide range of replacement parts and will be able to match the repaired section so it blends with the rest of the guttering system.
It is essential to address gutter leaks as soon as possible. If repairs are carried out as soon as a leak is noticed, this will limit the amount of damage a leak can cause and will save you money in the long term.

As part of routine conservatory and porch maintenance, it is advised to inspect your gutters regularly. As well as the full gutter leak repairs service that we offer, we can also offer gutter inspections as a stand-alone service. Regular inspections will provide reassurance that your guttering system is in good working order.

We offer free of charge no obligation quotations. Please contact us for further details.

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