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What are verge covers?

Verge covers are protective fittings that are installed to the exposed edges of roofing verge tiles. Verge tiles are found along the exposed edges of the roof line, mainly at gable ends. Verge covers are the ideal mortar free method of securing verge tiles. They offer complete protection of the roof edges against weather conditions such as wind damage and water penetration.

Here at Riviera Cleaning Services, we offer complete roof verge cover maintenance and installation services. We can inspect the condition of existing covers and advise on any repairs and replacements that need attention. If your verge covers are loose we can fix them back into position to ensure they are providing the protection they are designed for. We also supply and install new verge covers.

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Why Should I Have Verge Covers Installed?

The traditional mortar pointing of gable end tiles is not an ideal solution. Mortar pointing has a tendency to shrink and crack over time, which will often result in sections of mortar falling out leaving holes and cracks, or mortar caving in and entering the roof space. Repair of traditional mortar pointing can be costly and furthermore, mortar pointing will require ongoing maintenance.

Verge Cover Installation

We are highly experienced in the verge cover installation. We ensure that they are firmly secured to the roof tiles eliminating the risk of your roofing tiles becoming dislodged in high winds. We supply and install verge covers and have access to a variety of different designs in a range of colours.

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