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Fascias are integral parts of a properties exterior. A fascia is the panel that is installed along the edge of a roof. Fascias improve the appearance of a building and also provide protection against severe weather conditions. Guttering systems are attached to facias and therefore repair and maintenance of fascias forms an important aspect of overall gutter system maintenance.

Good quality fascias are essential to the maintenance of the roof. Poor quality or badly installed fascias are likely to break and will be more prone to damage.

Here at Riviera Cleaning, we offer the following fascia maintenance, repair and installation services:

  • Fascia repairs
  • Fascia cleaning
  • New, top quality fascia installations
  • Free quotations for work
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Fascia Repairs.

Inherently, fascias are exposed to the elements and because of this they are prone to scratches, cracks, splits and dents and discolouration. If your fascias are of poor quality, you may need to consider having them replaced. This may save you money long term, as this will avoid numerous call outs to repair ongoing damage.

However, if your fascia is in relatively good condition, a fascia repair can restore the fascia back to it’s former glory and improve the appearance of your property.

We are highly experienced in fascia repairs. If you have uPVC fascias we can repair major damage and restore the fascia to it’s original condition. We can also repair timber, composite and plastic fascias by fixing and filling any damaged areas. We will then finish the process by matching the colouring and finish of the repaired section to blend with the rest of the panel.

Fascia Cleaning.

Do your fascias look dirty and affect the overall appearance of your property? It is possible that they are still in good condition underneath the grime but could benefit from a professional clean. Riviera Cleaning has extensive experience in the cleaning and maintenance of fascias. We use professional cleaning equipment which ensures we achieve a clean professional finish.

Merely having fascias cleaned can dramatically improve the external appearance of your property. We offer fascia cleaning services throughout Torbay, South Devon and East Devon. Whether you need one section of your property’s fascia’s cleaned, or perhaps you have moved into a new home that needs completely refurbishing and require all the fascias to be cleaned, we will be happy to help.

Fascia Installations.

Riviera Cleaning offer fascia installation services. We can install brand new, top quality fascias at competitive prices. If you need new fascias installed we will strip off all old fascia boards and install new high-quality replacement fascias. To ensure water does not run between the fascia and the gutter we will also install drip felt. We can also supply and fit soffits and gutter guards or proceed to fit a completely new guttering system if required.

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